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Lord of the Rings Icons

For Posting LotR Icons

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Welcome to the Lord of the Rings icon community. Please read the rules and guidelines that are found on this page before posting. If, after reading this, you need further clarification on the rules or policies of this community, please contact the moderator (_allshallfade) by commenting on her journal or e-mailing her at melancholydreams@gmail.com. Thank you.

This is a commuity for posting icons from The Lord of the Rings movies. This extends to icons of the actors from the movie not in costume, though not in other roles. (For example, Orlando Bloom as Will Turner would be inappropriate here, as that would be a Pirates of the Caribbean icon.) The primary rule here is that any post without icons is considered off-topic and as such, is not allowed. This includes requests. The obvious exception to this is mod posts. The less-obvious exception is that in rare instances, off-topic posts may be approved by one of the community moderators. If you have an off-topic post that is directly related to both icons and Lord of the Rings, please contact the mod (_allshallfade) to see about posting it. Posting anything off-topic without permission will result in your being warned. The second time that it happens, you will have your posting access revoked for one week. If it happens a third time, you will be banned permanently from the community. If your post is deleted, do not go to a mod's personal journal, e-mail, or IM about why the post is gone and how you feel that it was unjust, or how you feel that the rules are stupid and people should be allowed to post what they want. We’re aware that not everyone agrees with all the rules here, but by joining the community, (or remaining a member,) you're agreeing to abide by them. If your post was deleted, we felt that it was off-topic or trolling. End of story.

Trolling is not permitted. For the purposes of this community, trolling is defined as a percieved attack on a community member or a mod. What constitutes an attack is open for interpretation, but in general, go with the theory that when you start naming names, it becomes an attack. Also, if a comment thread turns combative and a participant refuses to drop the topic after being asked to by either the original poster or a mod, that will be considered trolling. Trolls will be banned, no questions asked.

In addition to this, icons that are overtly hateful of anyone are not admissable here. Stating that anyone should be tortured, subjected to extreme humiliation, dismembered, or killed is considered "hateful". Such icons are childish and rude. Parody icons, where the intent is clearly humorous (Legolas as Captain Obvious, Hugo Weaving as the Eyebrows of Doom, etc.) are, of course, acceptable. Hateful icons will result in the post being deleted, and the member being warned as if they had made an off-topic post.

The only things that can get you removed from this community are repeated off-topic/hateful posts or trolling. There are, however, some other things that we encourage you to do, in the interest of keeping everyone sane.

  • Try to post all your icons for the day in a single post. While we understand that it's nice to get immediate feedback, five or six posts with a few icons in each post clutter up people's friends pages and make it harder for your mods to keep the memories in order. Obviously, if you're posting a hundred icons, breaking it into two or three posts of more managable size is acceptable.
  • If you're going to post in lotricons with a link to the icons in your own journal, please do not post to entries in your journal that are Friends Locked. You can unlock just that one entry, if you so desire. If your entire journal is Friends Locked, then maybe you should re-think posting icons in it. Unfortunately, we cannot allow such entries in this community, because they're rather spammish and irritating to many people, so if you don't promptly resolve the security issue in some way, your post will be deleted.
  • Please do not reply to off-topic posts. We usually delete them fairly quickly, with a link to the userinfo to explain why the post was deleted, but if you see one that we've not gotten to yet, please just ignore it.
  • If you have more than three or four icons, or any animations, please put them under a cut tag. To make a cut tag, insert <*lj-cut text="whatever you want the text to say"*> where you want the cut to begin, and then put <*/lj-cut*> at the end of the post. (Remove the * from the code)
  • If you're cross-posting a multi-fandom post in your own journal to several different communities, for this community, at least, we require only on-topic icons to be posted as teasers. Example: you have a post in your journal containing LotR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean, so you want to post a link to your entry and some teaser icons in four different communities. For posting such an entry in this community, you may now only post your LotR-related teasers. You aren't allowed to post HP, PotC, or SW teasers. The reasoning for this can be read further in this post.
  • Livejournal is not meant to be used by people under the age of 13. As such, any language and/or sexual situations that one could expect to find in a PG-13 rated movie are acceptable outside of cut tags. Any R or NC-17 material is fine to be posted here, but it needs to be under a cut tag with a warning.
  • Slashy icons are acceptable here, subject to the same restrictions as explained above. Anything below PG-13 does not need to be cut, anything R or NC-17 does, and needs to have a warning.
  • Please do not post art icons without proper credit to their creators. If it's fanart, please ask the artist before making the icon.
  • Please do not modify icons that are not expressly labelled as bases without asking the permission of the maker. If you do so and are asked to take the icon down, remove the icon immediately. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of the post, should it come to the moderator's attention. If you have asked someone to remove a modified icon of yours from a post and they have not done so, please contact the mod (_allshallfade) by commenting on her journal or e-mailing her at melancholydreams@gmail.com.

For posts with a large number of icons or icons with multiple characters, they may be classified under the "Fellowship - more than three members" catgeory, simply because each post is allowed only five keywords. The "base" category is for posts of images that the poster specified as bases. Some of these posts are also archived in other categories, so please feel free to look through them all. This archive will be maintained as well as possible, but please keep in mind that your moderators do, on occasion, have lives, so the archive may not always be 100% up to date.

There are two Lord of the Rings icon award/challenge communities that we are aware of. The awards community is lotr_awards, and the challenge community is lotr_lims.

That's it for the commuity info, really. The rest of this is sort of a FAQ, where to find images, get help making things, et cetera.

How do I make icons? or I need help with this icon!
Truth be told, most people learn by trial and error. That said, icon_tutorial has some great tutorials on how their members go about making them. The memories section over there is very extensive, and reading through it can give you a great foundation to start working with. If you need help with anything, a specific effect or a glitch in the program, that's the best place to start looking for help.

Where can I find screencaps? or Where can I get caps from [scene]?

The most extensive way to find them is to google for "Lord of the Rings screencaps" or something similar. This results in a ton of hits, though, so we've linked some of the more commonly used sites here. (For English-speaking sites, this goes to the site's main page. For non-English sites, we've linked directly to the gallery to make navigation easier.)

Where'd you get that font? What fonts should I use for my icons?
The best place to start looking for fonts is Da Font. If there's a specific font that you're looking for, try googling the name. If you don't know the name, head over to fontaddicts. If you're just looking for suggestions for fonts, there's a reference on pixel fonts here, script fonts here, and other fonts here. If you see a font on an icon that you particularly like, just post a comment asking what the font is; Most people are more than happy to help you.

What about those mini-movie icons?
icon_tutorial has covered those in depth. There's an archive of posts about them here.

How do I credit icons?
Using the old Livejournal style, once the icon is uploaded, there's a link that says "edit your picture keywords". Click that link, and put in a description of the icon, plus the creator's name. For example, "Frodo with Sting, by username". In the new style, once the icon is uploaded, you get a page that shows all of your icons, with boxes next to them. Again, put in the description and creator's name. Remember to click save once you're finished.

What about mood themes?
Sorry, but they can't be posted here. If you search the LJ user database for users listing 'mood themes' as an interest, you'll get several returns. Please look into one of those.

How do I post icons?
First, you need to make sure that your icons have been uploaded to a website that allows hotlinking, which is linking to the image from an outside source. The code to insert images in an entry is <*img src="URL HERE"*>. (Remove the * from the code)

What are some sites that let me hotlink my icons?
First off, check to see if you got free webspace with your ISP. Many places offer "free homepages"; All you have to do is take them up on it and you're good to go. Failing that, there are some alternatives:

Please note that these have been reccomended by other community members, and not personally endorsed by your moderator. Also, this is one of those cases where you really do get what you pay for most of the time. Many free accounts have limited bandwidth and/or significant amounts of downtime. Please keep in mind that this is a high-traffic community, and that lots of people will view your icons, and that it does tend to use up bandwidth quickly. If you post a lot of icons, it might be worth it to shell out $25 a year and buy yourself some webspace somewhere.

Where can I post my Lord of the Rings poetry? Or my giant wall mural fanart painting? What about my epic saga of Aragorn and Boromir's great and tragic love?
Well, first off, not here. Do an interest search on "Lord of the Rings" and you'll get a huge list of communities. There's certain to be one on the subject that you want. That said, this is a very abbreviated listing of some LotRcentric communities.

aragornfans arwen_evenstar athelingas bboyd bean_daily boyd_fan craig_daily dominicmonaghan eat_at_elronds elijahwood eowynsrealm fansfororli faramirfans fellowship_nine fellow_shippers gimlifans green_dragon grimafans hobbit_icons icontest_lotr laughlorien lij_icons lordoftherings lotr_anon lotr_art lotrart lotr_awards lotr_graphics lotr_poetry lotr_news lotrboys_daily lovely_liv marchwarden mckellanfan meriadoc_fan middle_earth orlando_daily orlando_icons pippinfans savehaldir sean_astin_fans silmarillion sindarin tolkien tolkienart tolkien_elves tengwar viggo_daily viggo_icons wee_tolkien

LotR message board

A final note: The vast majority of images used in this community are from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. They are copyright New Line Cinema and Peter Jackson, and no disrespect is intended. Neither the moderator of this community nor anyone who posts here has any connection to the film, producers, writers, director, or actors. (Also, that means that emailing the mods/posting anything along the lines of "OMG Dommie iz so hawt and i want to have his babies can i have his email address?" is completely inappropriate. Actually, that would be inappropriate anywhere. So don't do it.)

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